Experience the luxury of an exclusive garden designed with creative thinking, passion and masterful craftsmanship. Let’s create your dream garden together.

Exclusive garden design and landscaping

All our projects begin with an inspiring story – your story. Our exclusive gardens combine creativity with craftsmanship to establish a dialogue between nature, individuality and architecture. A garden that connects your home with the outside world and yourself.

Your garden is more than just a beautiful outdoor space. It’s a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. To ensure the highest possible quality, we take care of the complete process of your exclusive garden project, from your initial ideas to the final delivery.

Your vision deserves attention. Our team is dedicated to bringing your story to life with a deep understanding of your needs. Our approach considers all relevant details, always striving for excellence. Your satisfaction is guaranteed in every phase of the process, as we work side by side. Confident in perfect execution.

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Modern Monumental Design

Contemporary garden design combined with the features of a historic building


Exclusive garden design. Your needs intertwined with environment and architecture. A true reflection of your personality and lifestyle. 

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The driving force behind TIM

Tim Rengelink is the proud founder and owner of TIM Exclusive Gardens. Born and raised in the pittoreske Achterhoek with a no-nonsense mentality. He is a perfectionist who passionately dedicates himself to creating the most beautiful exclusive gardens for his clients. Tim is driven by personal and genuine contact with his clients and partners. Together with craftsmen and specialists who dedicate themselves to their passion, he creates your exclusive garden with full dedication from the very first contact.

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