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Genomineerd 2022

When Luxury Becomes Meaningful

The ultimate goal of TIM Exclusive Gardens, but also the personal drive of garden architect Tim Rengelink: founder and owner of TIM. If he and his team design a garden where you can also feel and experience luxury in a different, less tangible way, then their mission is accomplished.

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Luxury. Everyone has their view of it. We see objects. Vehicles, villas, jewelry and fashion. We see means that make our lives more enjoyable, easier and better. We see a lifestyle. 

But luxury takes on a deeper meaning when we not only see it but especially feel it. When the feeling of ‘coming home’ is just as strong outside as inside. When we let go of everyday stress and immediately feel relaxation. When we feel the satisfaction of a genuine connection with loved ones. 

Only then, luxury becomes meaningful. And based on exactly this idea, we design your exclusive garden. 

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Meaningful is personal

Because it’s about you personally. What do you value most? How do you envision a meaningful life in your dream garden? These are the questions we ask as garden architects. Let us know in keywords through the form below. We will get in touch.

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