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Modern Italy – good vibes only


  • Luxury villa garden
  • Location: Arnhem, Gelderland
  • Exclusive garden with outdoor kitchen, poolhouse with wellness area, outdoor fireplace, luxurious infinity pool, jacuzzi, high-end lighting and premium ceramics.

Modern Italy- good vibes only

Exclusivity at its finest! A garden filled with luxury and meticulous details. At the heart of the garden lies the exclusive pool, a high-end infinity pool adorned with premium ceramics. The garden boasts a clear and powerful architectural design, enhanced by the imposing garden walls with generous openings. These elements provide structure and ambiance. Characteristic olive trees and cork oaks, blended with stylish design, bring the essence of Italy to life.

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Relaxing in the jacuzzi or enjoying a delightful dinner at the dining table in the patio area.

Enjoy your Italian summer!

Immersed in impressive gestures, luxurious details, and high-end finishing, leaving you in awe.

Searching for an exclusive garden design? Your dream garden is just within reach.

The entire garden exudes overwhelming luxury, a top-notch experience!

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