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Genomineerd 2022

Our garden design process

Our process has been shaped through experience, and its success has been well proven. This process for designing your garden consists of a step-by-step plan that works smoothly, is transparent, provides clarity and yet remains flexible. With an approached tailored to your individual wishes, we work hard to always find that one, best-fitting solution. Open, honest and unbiased, we get to know you. We ask critical questions and dare to delve deeper. We do this until we fully understand the essence of your needs. From there, we develop a well-thought-out concept for your garden design, which we translate into distinctive design and effective plan. We consult and design, meanign we provide you with a plan and its practical implementation. Because we believe that one cannot exist without the other. "Successful projects are achieved with the foundation of a strong process." 

- Tim Rengelink

Phase 1 Collaborating on your garden design

Expect nothing less than a powerful garden design, featuring clean lines, abundant atmosphere and allure. The design is the creative embodiment of all your personal desires. A meaningful garden design that enhances the quality of your life. That's our promise. Learn more about our design phase 

Phase 2 Prepharatory phase, no room for mistakes

Bridging the gap between design and implementation. During the preparatory phase, we meticulously detail the plan, guide the quotation process, establish schedules,and assemble a team of skilled specialists. Read more about our thorough preparatory stage 

Phase 3 Project guidance for optimal results

Throughout the implementation of your dream garden, well-intended suggestions or assumptions can sometimes lead the project astray from its original design. Rest assured, we understand your desires perfectly and ensure that your project stays on course. Discover more about our meticulous project guidance

Indulge in your dream garden

We raise our glasses and celebrate the success we have accomplished. We are humbled to have played such a significant role in enhancing your enjoyment of life. Thank you for trusting us. The time has come for you to indulgein the full experience of your dream garden. Explore more about the art of enjoying
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Designing your dream garden in 3 simple steps

Our process has been shaped through experience and has proven its success. Our garden design process consists of a step-by-step plan that works smoothly, is transparent, provides clarity, and yet remains flexible. 
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