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About TIM & Tim

In 2020, fueled by his passion and unwavering drive, Tim Rengelink founded TIM Exclusive Gardens. His vision was clear: to enhance the personal well-being of his clients through extraordinary and exclusive garden designs. Every creation would be a reflection of the client’s unique essence, with the power to surprise, delight and leave a lasting impact.

Our gardens embody a perfect blend of luxury, creativity and uncompromising quality.

Each design is infused with innovative flair while being grounded in practical knowledge and years of experience.


To be precise, 15 years of experience, as Tim started with garden landscaping and maintenance in 2005.


In 2010, he establishes his own landscaping company, focusing on design, installation, and maintenance.


For 10 years, Tim gains a wealth of knowledge and experience, leading to numerous valuable collaborations.


Until it’s time for the next step in 2020.

Creating and completing exclusive gardens

We are driven by the passion to provide our clients with the absolute best, most exceptional and personalized experiences. This vision, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience, has led to the creation of TIM – a comprehensive concept where specialists collaborate to achieve breathtaking and meticulously crafted results.

We take pride in maintaining close relationships with our clients, ensuring personal and pleasant communication, and handling all aspects of our projects with utmost care. Tim is committed to delivering on our promises, because we understand the importance of trust and reliability. And when the garden is finally complete, it often becomes a space where we celebrate our successful collaboration, raising a glass to toast the achievements and the joys of life.

Let's get acquainted and embark on this journey together. 

About Tim

Passionate, ambitious and dedicated to living his best life. Meet Tim Rengelink, the visionary behind TIM Exclusive Gardens. With an unwavering commitment to personal growth and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Tim never settles for mediocrity. His passion extends beyond creating breathtaking designs and delivering exceptional service to his clients; it encompasses his own journey of continuous improvement.

Driven by a desire to seize every opportunity, Tim sets the bar high in both his professional and personal endeavors. He believes in extracting the utmost potential from every aspect of life. Why settle for anything less when the world offers endless possibilities? Join Tim on this remarkable journey and let’s create something extraordinary together.

Tim embraces life and work with a sincere commitment to creating something extraordinary

his philosophy extends to his designs and beyond. Known for his openness, honesty and approachability, Tim quickly establishes a strong rapport with his clients. Genuine and personal connections are indispensable to him. As an ambitious perfectionist driven by results, Tim goes above and beyond to fulfill his mission of enhancing his clients’ personal well-being through exclusive garden designs.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Tim finds immense joy in sharing life with his partner and two daughters. They delight in their home in Silvolde, nestled in the picturesque Achterhoek in the Netherlands. Tim strives to live his best life in every aspect—as an exclusive garden designer, partner and father. This is Tim Rengelink in essence.

Now, we invite you to envision your own ideal life. How would you define it? 
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